Monday, October 11, 2010

Being Transparent

Hey girls, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend full of fun and family.

I had a great weekend, busy as always with games, & family functions. But I did get to squeeze some scrappy time in. Steven took Friday off and we had some well needed family time with the kids. We went to putt putt, and bowled, had dinner at our favorite family spot (Cheddars). So it was a really cool weekend :)

When I started scrapping 2 1/2 years ago I started merely for the love of the photos. There was something about seeing the many photos of my son that I just wanted to hold onto FOREVER. I said to my hubbby i am gonna try and scrapbook, and he smiled as if to say SURE (we''' see how long that last). Well here we are almost 3 years down the line and I have fallen in love. In love with the Art, you girls know-- the paper, the glue, the paint, the everything. But as much as I love this hobby, now life style, I love photography even more.

With that said I want nothing more than to start my own photography business. But I have so much to learn. I know nothing, everything I have learned has been self taught. I read blogs, and play with my camera settings, and make my family entertain me. I have joined clickin Moms, and a flickr group. I have tried to find a mentor in the state of Texas willing to take me under their wings and teach me the business and let me shadow them. But, I run into the "I don't have time comment".
The best advice I have been given was to keep trying and study, study, study. So that is what I plan on doing. I will just keep teaching myself.

I was asked by a friend to shoot her and her family, she asked me to name my price. As an beginner I said $100, which would included all the photos taken that day and up to two locations. She said that was to much. So naturally I wondered is that to much and is my work worth atleast that much. So I want you ladies to give me your honest opinion. What do you think? Here are a few photos taken of my family, and friends. I have alot more equipment to buy and things to learn. But please let me know what you think?

I want the opportunity to capture someone elses memories.

Thanks girls for your honesty in advance :)

P.S to all of you scrappers--- yes I will be scrapping these photos ,lol :)

Here is a layout to lighten up this post a bit

this is Miss Bailey giving that poor tree a serious beating,lol.

Thanks for letting me share :)


  1. $100 is too cheap if you ask me. 2 locations and all the photos, ummm yeah that is atleast $500 starting off, atleast the photographers I have spoken with . You are doing a fabulous job, keep up the good work! Love the layout!

  2. Are you kidding! I agree with Myia, you need to be charging waaaaaay more! Also, that layout is just the cutest. Your work is so amazing, it keeps my head spinning! Keep inspiring us Taj!

  3. $100 is dirt cheap! You are veeeery talented and if they'd get all the photos... I think she's pretty rude to say it's too expensive.

    Even as a friendship prize, 100 is not much.

  4. Girl thats amazing! shoot for the stars is what I say. Someone will pay they go to Sears and have non pros do it for way more with less sentiment to them!

  5. Taj, if you lived closer, I would definitely pay it!!! Your photos are amazing. You have a great eye!! Your son has beautiful eyes!! That photo is amazing!!!!
    I too LOVE photography. I sometimes have a hard time finding places up here nearby. I don't have very cooperative kids anymore either!! :( I have to be quick and try and catch the candids. I pulled out my PSE for Dummies to learn how to use that darn software!!!

  6. your page is so lovely, I adore it!

  7. those photos are GORGEOUS and the layout... WOW... i love your work!! :)

  8. holey moley!!,,100 bucks is super cheap!!,,wish you lived here in Cali cuz I need family pics done in November!!! I say just keep at it!!,,,your pictures are beautiful!!! Im in love with photography and just started taking pics and am no where near where you are!!,,you can do it!! by the way, your layouts is awesome!!,,i love it!!,,you have some serious talent girly!!!


  9. your photos are simply amazing, they really are!
    $100 for 2 locations is not even enough.
    most friends who have now taken on this as a business, started charging $150 for 30 minutes, and price goes up from there.
    best of luck...

  10. Taj your photos are beautiful and no I don't think $100 is too much. I am trying to get into the crafts business as well via a different venue (craft fairs, invitations, favors, etc) and and the hardest thing is sticking to my prices. Don't under price your talent for other people, either they pay what you are asking or they can shop around. I also wanted to share a couple sites - Marie Cox was a scrapper turned photographer whose blog I use to follow, , I just love to look at her pictures too and Andrew is a friend of mine who went to school for photography. By the way you might want to start a separate photography blog or website, I use (my site is

  11. Amazing Taj!! I love them!! You are one talented lady!! Keep moving and God will open the doors of Heaven for you sweetness!!! :)

  12. Lovely pictures. $100 is pretty cheap. Like you said you are starting maybe you should use this as a basis to "build" your portfolio. If this is the avenue you are going then make sure you look at what printing companies you are going to be using. I use WHCC there are other option out there. Another forum to join other than ClicknMoms which is amazing I love them is The Bloom Forum.

    Good Luck w/your business.

  13. Hun, you are less than 2 1/2 hours from me....I would jump at the opportunity for you to take some photos of me and my family. These photos you shared are awesome! REALLY! Don't let someone who is too cheap (and doesn't even know the normal cost for on-location photographers) to weigh your worth down. I too want to get into photography seriously someday and I was told by a famous scrapbooker/photographer to not charge anything for my first couple of shoots and to just use the subjects to build my portfolio. I think $100 for all you are offering is a pretty good price though for a photographer just coming out and getting started. I wish you all the best of luck and if you need a starter family to photograph we'll be it in a heartbeat. I'm dead serous! You know how to reach me. ;-)



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