Thursday, July 25, 2013

Backsplash babe'

Summer is in full effect and almost over. Both June and July are gone and August is underway. I can't believe it. Back to school shopping is staring me in the face. For all three kiddos!?!  I should try and take them individually. It could make it less painful. But time is of the essence so that probably won't happen.

Last post I talked about getting my house in order and organizing rooms, and closets, etc. Well I have been up to some good. I am proud to say the coat closet, linen closet, master bedroom closet, underneath the bathroom sink, and the pantry have all been organized and have maintained it's organization for weeks. And my children are doing well with keeping things maintained. For now anyway, lol. While I have more rooms to go I am excited to be getting there. We are on a project roll around here in the White household. Steven has decided instead of a mini vacation this summer, he wants to do some upgrading and redecorating to the house. So since I am always up for a good home improvement project, we are going to have the kitchen backsplash replaced this weekend. Early Friday morning there will be a few good men here to tear down what has been our backsplash for five years. Steven is so very excited. I am too but I am kinda nervous. I guess my nerves are simply because once it's up there is no going back. Either way I can't wait to show you how it all turns out. And I will also have photos of the organized spaces.

In the meantime a couple projects I have worked on...

                                                     Using a mixture of Pebbles Inc & Fancy Pants papers on both these projects. I love these note pockets by Pebbles Inc. So many possibilities my only regret is not buying more.                  

Chat with you in a few days.

P. S I hope you like the new look :)


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