Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What's hap'ning

Hey guys,

The last time we chatted I returned to work after almost 5 years at home with the kiddos. Our family was adjusting to having both parents working full time again, and all the insanity that comes with.
Well, as life often does things have changed again :) I am not totally sad about the change. I am glad to be home again. Being able to have lunch with Madison at her new school, help Bailey continue to prepare for Pre-K, and help Jeremiah with science projects.  It's rewarding to be able to stay home and foster what's important in the lives of your children. It's also super taxing, lol. But I am grateful to be able to do it. And Steven is happy to have me back home, and to have to normality return to our home. You are probably wondering what changed, why I am back at home. Well, we live in a small rural town in Tx. When we first purchased our home and moved from California this city had one of the best school districts in the area. In a matter of 3 years that changed. So we had both Madison and Bailey in Private School which was located in East Fort Worth about 20-30 minutes from our home. We are still a one car family, so we would have had to invest in another vehicle (another car note, not a fan), continue tuition for one child (since the Madison got accepted to a school we have had her on the waiting list for 3 years). We would basically be spending what I am making on childcare, tuition, and another vehicle. Just doesn't make sense and we aren't about debt but financial freedom. So that's why and how I ended up back at home.

One of the benefits of being back home and having slight control over your schedule is being able to scrap. Of course what else is there, lol. No really it's nice being able to get a little scrappy time in. And not always having to think about the million other things that the day or week will require.

Aside from scrapping being back home has really brought to my attention how much our home has been neglected. Everything is out of place or just doesn't have a place. Our first 3 years here we did well and things managed to stay in place. But we never really had complete organization. And since Spring is upon us, I have decided to do some Spring cleaning, and organizing. With the help of pinterest I have found an amazing blog. I believe can give the help I need to really organize my home in practical way. So as a new season approaches I am excited about all the things God has ahead. It will be fun.

So you ask what have you scrapped lately. Here goes...

I am currently working on two more layouts I can't wait to share. I have had so much fun. I hope you girls are doing well. I can't wait to blog hop and check out what you've been up to.


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