Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MLS Bookmarks & a fun tutorial

So I am back on the ball this week. I have been spring cleaning the house to get ready for the upcoming Holiday. Yes, I know spring is over, but when you've got as much catching up as I do, ten it's spring cleaning. I have the common areas done and under control. But I've gotta tackle the girls room, garage, backyard, front yard, master bedroom, and the scrap room. The scraproom isn't that bad if I could find it in myself to put away the things I decided NOT to use. Instead I just move it to the side and pull out more stuff. Uh- what's a girl to do?

Let's talk scrap...
I made some fun bookmarks for my son and I. Since we are the readers of the family. Mainly because the other two children are still so young. And my hubby likes to buy the books but not take the time to read them.

aren't they fun? And so easy to make, not to mention practical.

If you've been over to scrapbook Daisies online store and forum lately you have seen all the fun tutorials and tips our DT has to offer. We'll it was my turn to share something fun. Click here to check it out. Here is a sneak peek...

If you leave a comment here on my blog, leave a comment on the forum thread telling us what you think of the tut, you will have a chance to win some fun My Little Shoebox Mini Alphabet Stickers.
Chat with you tomorrow or on the thread :)


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