Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm back at it

As life would have it things have changed yet again. 
After almost 5 years of being out of corporate America I have returned to work. As you can imagine it is quite the lifestyle adjustment. The kids have adjusted faster than I expected. With Bailey being in school full time now I guess it doesn't affect her the way I thought it would. Or did it?... The first week she didn't really speak to me. She wouldn't hug me or look at me. 
She seems to be well adjusted now... even though she has been whining more than normal. Not sure if that's due to me returning to work, or her just being 4. But hey all in all it's been pretty cool balancing home life, and work life.  

I managed to squeeze in a mini Fall photo shoot. Which I desperately needed in order to really enjoy the Fall and Winter scrapping that is about to take place :) And I haven't done a Fall/Winter shoot of the kids in almost two years. What was once a tradition became an obligation. But this year that all change and it has gone back to normal. I shoot for me again. 
Anywho , here are a few fav's from this weekends shoot. 

This is Jeremiah can you believe it? He is 12 now. One more year and he is a real teenager :( Where did the time go?
 And here are the Princesses, Madison is 6 now, and Bailey is 4. They both go to a small Private School together and are doing great. I can't believe Bailey is 4 she was just about 10 months old when I started this blog.

Ok some of you may not remember this paper but this is some old SEI from about 2 years ago "Monrovia". I was in love with this line. And believe it or not this is a layout I started over a year ago and just put the finishing touches on it.  I have a small stack of layouts I want to finish. So here is a small step toward that goal.
This is Jeremiah at 9, Fall 2010.

I hope everyone is enjoying the season and your ready for Christmas shopping. 
Happy Scrapping girls!

- Taj


  1. Congrats on your new job! Lovely layouts, my little advise... plan dinner out in your head days in advance or buy a crock pot if you don't have one already!

  2. These are gorgeous and congrats on the new job.



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