Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I woke up this morning, had my quiet time with the Lord and then I heard a knock at the door that scared the daylights out of me. When I opened the door it was a package from Kreatorville Krafts Kit Club. I did a quick dance and put it down to feed the baby. Apparently she was just as startled as I was by the knock at the door, because she woke up like "Who Dat" LOL.

I have a new job and I love it. I am the design team coordinator for Kreatorville Krafts Kit Club. The kit will be revealed and available for sale November 21st. If you are interested in putting yours on reserve please email me or Keandra at...

The kits are priced competitively at $37.50 plus shipping for a one time purchase or$32.50 plus shipping with a subscription. The blog will go live in a few days and you ladies can go by and check out the sneak peeks of the kit.

Ok so I knew the kit was going to be awesome but I didn't know it was going to be this much AWESOMENESS in it. I mean the possibilities are endless. If you have a boy then this is the kit for you. If you have a girl then this is the kit for you. If your an artistic scrapper, or a mainstream scrapper then this is the kit for you. It is just ***AWESOME***

I loved the kit so much I started to create right away. I created this layout in about an hour. The colors and the embellies are perfect so they came together great and fast. I was able to get Keandra to give me the go ahead of sharing some of the AWESOMENESS the kit has to offer. On to the AWESOMENESS I have been telling you ladies about for weeks.

You are gonna dig the guest designer this month. She is all that and a master.


  1. You hurt me girl....I was all excited until I saw the price...for those of us unemployed folks, $37 plus s/h is kinda high...sorry but I'm jsut being honest. Am excited for your new endeavor though. Will save some pennies to try and get one one month though.

  2. thanx SO MUCH for the love!!!! i'm SO glad that you were so inspired to work this kit as quickly and as BEAUTIFULLY as you did!!! for kate, you haven't seen the ingredients of this me, you wouldn't mind the price if you did! thanx mama for kreating beauty with this!!!!

  3. Aw Taj, this is soooo lovely! Can't wait to get started on mine!
    xxx Peggy

  4. I love this paper and what you created with it. I just bought some, so thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Love it! Super kit to work with, isn't it? Can't wait to see what else you do...



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