Saturday, June 6, 2009

Great American Scrapbook Convention

Boy oh boy, I had a ball. I spent way too much and loved every bit of it. I would do it all again. I can't wait to use the stuff I have. A few pics of what I got while I was there.

The large amount of thickers with the red tag are from Big lots. Get them while you can ladies brought over 20 paacks


  1. i'm gonna need you to pick me up from the airport...i'm comin' to play with all your goodies!!!!

  2. oh girl, you racked up! so when can I come over and scrap?---LOL!!

  3. I forgot that you got those Thickers at Big Lots-I am going past one today and will have to stop's a really junky one but I'm gonna stop anyway!

  4. I should be mad at you for twisting my arm and MAKING me go over to Big Lots! I bought 10 packs of Thickers! No, I;m just playin'-i stuck to my budget of $ 20 for the Thickers and spent $15 more on other supplies! Believe it or not, it was organized and clean this visit; maybe I need to start going on Mondays! Thanks for the heads up!



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